There's more than one ending to the drama.
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Episode. A

All alone

Episode. B

Girls’ fight

Episode. C

Can’t trust anyone

Episode. E

Unsatisfied feeling

Episode. F

Reviving excitement

Episode. G

Not alone

Episode. H

Departure from myself

Episode. I

Girl than boy?

Episode. I

Girl than boy?

Episode. J

What makes me shine more than love
Directed by Toshio Lee / Written by Fumi Tsubota
Main cast
FAKY / Mikako, Anna, Lil' Fang, Akina
Keisuke Kida  Rio Nuruki  Minami Itohara  Culumi Nakada and more
Special Thanks
2nd Function
Jun Awano  Akira Shimizu


It's nice being alone,but not being lonley.

Mikako has been staying in her room for a long time.
She doesn’t trust anyone, even her friends and boyfriend.
“There’s nothing special about me. I only love to dance.”
But Syu, her boyfriend was stolen by Sachi, her best friend.
“They’re getting married? Don’t tell me such a thing.”
“I don’t want to celebrate for them at all. But, am I okay just leaving it as it is?”
Open the door or don’t?
You always have two choices. Who wil choose them? Me.
And when she opens the door, Mikako appears in front of the clouds.

How this story ends is up to you

This web drama is an interactive, choiceable and new style.


Character Diagram

Character Diagram

Character Diagram

Character Diagram